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Loose Framework

Loose Framework


Work composed of white Carrara marble and music

15 x 30 x 2 cm | 2021


Can sound and matter generate the sensation of melting?
So here is LOOSE FRAMEWORK, loose painting.
The idea of the sculpture in white Carrara marble was developed with the intent of
distort and overcome the properties of hardness of marble in order to focus i
softness and instability factors.
At the same time, the sounds used for this project (recorded in the last 3 years in the
abandoned quarries of the Camonica Valley) have been filtered and reworked through
live looping and granular synthesis processes until they become liquid material.
This material was later used as a palette for composing
the song.
The use of music takes place through a microchip implanted inside the
marble that generates an electromagnetic field.
Approaching with an electronic device (phone / tablet) you can listen
the piece of music.
Internet coverage is required for correct use of the work.


Listen to the music in preview -> click here

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