Milena Berta, born in 1988, graduated with full marks at the Academy of Fine Arts of Santa Giulia in Brescia, has chosen the stone as the main material for the creation of plastic forms tending to abstract. 

Alessandro Pedretti.jpg

Alessandro Pedretti, born in 1986, musician and composer, creates music and soundtracks for performances and multimedia supports in partnership with several Italian and international artists.

"Our synergy  arises from the desire  to investigate metamorphosis, cyclicality and changes concepts"

We live together, we breathe together, we love literature, there is a lot of life in those books.

We walk in the woods behind the house every day, there is real substance in those trees.

We observe and make cascades of thoughts. we don't just stop to eavesdrop on them

We make our intuitions alive and concrete.

Sometimes we are wrong, sometimes we hit the mark.

Our art lab is a creative center where our thoughts converge.

Although we don't know where they will take us, working in our art lab gives meaning to our existence.